Lord, Save Us From Your Followers…

          This is a fantastic book and movie, and I hope everyone will check both out ASAP! Great job Dan!


~ by Tim Kurek on January 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers…”

  1. A unique way to sell a book, but I think even the people who hate are growing tired of the hypocrisy!

    I admit those followers (mentioned in the next paragraph) I want to be saved from as well . . . .

    There are people who claim to be religious and aren’t, which is the reason people hate religion. No problem with that!

    The problems are:
    * those people are not God
    * those who hate, are angry for the right reasons; they’re just blind.
    * those people who’ve become haters are very very unhappy; who wants to live like that?
    * those people who won’t follow truth where ever it leads, live in fear; who wants to live like that?
    * those people think they have the answers; they just never asked the right question!

    What is the right question then? That’s easy; it is said and alluded to, over and over in scripture . . . but one has to be sincere to ask it! Those who don’t believe, were never sincere.

    The question is:

    God; if you are real, will you prove it to me please?

    He’s promised he will.

    Do you have the courage to ask ? ? ?

    I don’t think you will; you want to be unhappy.

  2. I’m not even searching for “happiness”… I’m searching for God’s will in my life. Sometimes that makes me very unhappy lol, even if I am content.

    And I have asked, hence the reason why I am a CHRISTian…

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