To Be a Hero!

          Sometimes I wish I had a hero, an infallible and selfless figure that was not only encouraging, but also inspiring. I wish that such an individual existed, although as of late, my hopes have been dashed. I dream of just knowing someone exists that could fill this role, even if I couldn’t be an active part of this heroes life.

          I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to be your own hero, even if you know your own flaws. You have to draw upon your own God given strength and then give Him the glory for it. But even though I know this is probably the most rewarding way to live, it would still be nice to have something more to aspire to and a living example of that’s worthy of that aspiration and admiration.

          What do you think is heroic? Do you disagree? If so, who is your hero and why?


~ by Tim Kurek on January 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “To Be a Hero!”

  1. Well, short of infallible… there are a plethora of saints who are selfless, encouraging, and inspiring. No one is infallible but God.

    St. Mary of Egypt – my patron saint

    St. Anthony the Great – founder of Christian monasticism

    St. Timothy

    St. Elizabeth the New Martyr

    St. Seraphim of Sarov

    St. John Chrysostom

    Christians don’t have the task of reinventing the wheel. We can draw on the lives of the saints for inspiration and guidance. We also can ask them to intercede to Christ for us.

  2. Who made them saints? And what I’m talking about isn’t bound to religion, it surpasses it. And no, Barack Obama is not a hero lol…

  3. They made themselves saints, by the grace of God, and the Church acknowledges it by cannonizing them. 🙂

    Heroes in society generally emerge, it seems to me, when society is in a crisis. I’m sorry there isn’t a leader that has emerged on the scene today. Some leaders may be gandhi, mother theresa, martin luther king, etc. However, with today’s media, I’m not sure heroes in the historical sense can exist anymore. And everyone’s so different that they want different things in heroes, and want them to fight for fifty-gazillion causes, it seems unlikely that we’d find someone like that.

  4. Why do you think there is such a longing for a hero?

    Perhaps it isn’t the moments of greatness that we need to be looking for, but living the everyday moments of life well. Perhaps just doing the right thing on a regular basis, without thanks or anyone looking at it going “wow”, perhaps that is true heroism. Taking care of your family by working a job that is hard and you don’t like. Selflessly putting others needs before your own. Submitting your own will to God’s will.

    Don’t you think we have the greatest hero of all in Jesus? I think to be like him is definitely something to aspire to.

    I personally love superheroes. I have always enjoyed watching those type of cartoons and movies. But when I really sat down to figure out why, it comes down to power. It would be nice to be powerful. To be feared, respected. Sometimes I can feel very insignificant in this world. But if I had a superheroes power would I really use it for good, or would I become corrupted?

    Maybe true heroes are heroes because they aren’t looking to be one. They are just doing the right thing when the opportunity presents itself.

    I thought the pilot of the plane that went down in the river was pretty cool. Whether or not he is a hero, he definitely was heroic in his actions.

    OK, enough rambling thoughts on heroes. Back to the ol’ books!

  5. I like the capability of Hisoka and Kurapica but I admired the calmness of the spider leader.

    Hunter X Hunter.

  6. My hero is my Mother!

  7. I admire Bono for his steadfast love of Love and for his artistic freedom, his humility, his many acts of compassion and because singing along to U2 albums has helped me break from the confines of the church choir to rock it when it needs rocked.

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