Rick Warren praying on inauguration day?! OH NO!!!


Dear Christian church,

          I have been sad to see, as of late, a new headline for you to complain endlessly about, so as to continue perpetuating the image of childishness and sheer hypocrisy so closely associated with fundamental Christianity! But I must say that I am not in the least surprised seeing as how every other issue that involves your faith is dealt with so defensively. What am I talking about? You may ask. Rick Warren praying at the inauguration this month.

          First of all I want to know why you would criticize a godly pastor/leader for participating in a monumental occasion such as the inauguration of our nations first black president. Is your anger stemming from Warren praying at the inauguration of a democrat, who believes in issues you take issue with (I.e. abortion, gay rights, etc…)? Or is it simply because he’s praying at the inauguration of a black man? I think it’s probably both! My question to you is simple. Isn’t there a biblical precedent for godly men serving pagan leaders? The prophets, Joseph, etc, were all responsible for bringing perspective and honor to the men sitting on the throne no matter what faith the man claimed to be a part of.

          Also, I’ve heard talk of Warren being negatively attacked because he’s spoken at a Muslim conference. How is that a bad thing? Was not Paul asked to speak at the Areopagus (Acts 17)? What we as Christians offer in speaking about the gospel, are universal ideals that people seek out. Love, peace, freedom, and knowledge of our Father God, these things are desired by many outside of the Christian faith. Is it wrong then to answer their questions regarding our beliefs? NO! I Peter 3:15 says we are to give an account, “…gentleness and respect.” Could this verse actually mean that we are to show respect to others when we are sharing our faith? Certainly! Being asked to speak at any function, from atheist to inauguration, should be looked upon in light of I Peter 3:15 by the Christian, and common sense by everyone else!

          Lastly oh Christians… Hear me now! You harp on the fact that the founding fathers founded this country in a certain way and we should adhere to that fact staunchly. Might I offer the simple answer that the way they did things is not necessarily the way we should do them now? They owned slaves. Should we? This country is founded on the principle of freedom, and that includes freedom of religion. Lose the sense of entitlement people! A Muslim or atheist should have the same ability to become president as a Christian. Some of you even believe Barack to be one, even though his first event as president is a prayer breakfast… Guys, this pettiness has got to stop! You may think you are right, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to infringe on other’s personal rights. And STOP criticizing the man you would have bought “purpose driven” toilet paper from six months ago, even! What a joke!

          I urge you… Just because we are considered to be “the sheep” of Jesus, doesn’t mean we need to be sheep to everyone else. Stop being sheep! BAAAHHHHH!!!!! Start thinking for yourselves. Read your word, and test what you’ve been told. We the people, are the true church. Not buildings, not religions. We are! Live it.


~ by Tim Kurek on January 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “Rick Warren praying on inauguration day?! OH NO!!!”

  1. As usual, you make good points, my friend.

  2. It’s not because Obama is black or democrat. It’s because Rick Warren’s prayer is an implicit (if not explicit) endorsement of what Obama stands for, which is untenable for an evangelical Christian. I’m just telling you the truth. Obama seems like a cool dude, but he can’t be considered evangelical, and it is perplexing why an “evangelical” like Warren would support him in this manner.

    Thanks for your words!


  3. Thank you for your comment Sol! I would hugely disagree though about him agreeing with Obama on the issues. To turn down a president for something as simple as prayer… That would be rude and antithetical to what we are supposed to be like as Christians… Talk to you soon!


    p.s. I checked out your site and your music is very good! I look forward to buying a copy of your debut cd and reviewing it on here!

  4. Praying to God at an inauguration is hardly an endorsement. I like Rick and I believe in him as a credible leader in the church today. I see this as incredible opportunity for the Kingdom if nothing else.

  5. Have people forgotten what prayer is? It sickens me that people would think prayer is a political endorsement. When Charles Haddon Spurgeon stated that there is no greater honor before man than the opportunity to go before God in prayer, I am amazed. When God tells us to pray for our leaders, those who persecute us, those who would do us harm, those who are our enemies, we make excuses to ignore or deny the opportunity to pray. God forgive those foolish concepts as they are not Biblical, but political, and as for me, my salvation comes from Jesus Christ, not the Republican Party.


  6. Tim, people hated the message of Jesus, they will also hate those that stand for, and preach that message. The religious community killed Jesus, and many within that community would kill those of us who try to live as Jesus instructs us if given the opportunity. 1st John 3 says a lot about this, I encourage people to read it, but bottom line, the religious community killed Jesus, of course he allowed it as a substitue to redeem us of our sin, but bottom line, if they did it to him, we should expect no different. I still challenge of which there has been no response, if Jesus tells us to pray blessings on the heads of those who would do us harm to pray for our enemies, and those who hate us, when did we get to start making the call that we shouldn’t pray for political leaders like Obama, who we may justifibly disagree with? I don’t get it, I think God’s Word is clear on this, it is the people who would choose to do other than what God tells us that are mislead, and in some ways, yes, get this, evil. BTW for those who haven’t read Warren, deal with this, God’s Word won’t return void, while there is a lot of commentary in his books, I challenge to find many other books that directly quote scripture like his does.

  7. Bottom line, within many in the Fundamentalist Community, authors like Bill Warren, Anthony Campollo, Sean Claiborne and many others can teach about the direct teachings Jesus all they want to, they can even quote the scripture, the fact that people would argue against that is sickening. I just saw the movie Slumdog Millionare, I am amazed at how we talk about love, but forget that of faith, hope and love, nothing is greater than love. Then I read 1st John 3 and read that if we see someone in need we should do more than pray for them, again, even towards our enemies, yet we find it so convienient to hate and find reason to place the needs of America over the needs of a persons soul. Include me as one who will try to use Scripture as I have to justify my point, and find it sickening that many who say they are followers of Jesus act more like a Judas than a loving Christ who even found it important to forgive those who would crucify him. Yes Jesus became angry at times, ever find it amazing that most of the time it was towards the religious community. Larry Norman was right, “Nothing ever changes, everything remains the same…” I think Jesus is still angry towards the religious community, even those who call themselves at times the church. I hope I am wrong, but I believe there will be many in that crowd that Jesus says, get away from me, I don’t care what you did in the name of religion, I never knew you!

  8. I will make one final bold statement, one that is similar to a challenge a Dear Brother in Christ made towards me at one point. Listen up, it is going ot make some people angry, but if you are unwilling to pray for and yes even love (using biblical definition which requires actions that show you are doing what you say) your enemies, be they democrat or republican, abortion doctor or missions doctor, murderer or saint, then I seriously doubt the liklihood that you have totally submitted to the Lordship of Jesus. I will say here, if Jesus isn’t your Lord, he isn’t your Savior. We will know who are, and are not followrs of Jesus based on what they do and don’t do, on their love, and on their works. You can’t be opposed to praying for our leaders, and be a Christian, that is an act of Satan, not of the Spirit that God fills each person with. I hear many who say that isn’t the case in my ministry, I challenge them again, show me with Scripture where we have the “Freedom” do do anything other than what Jesus has commanded us to do. I won’t defend those people or their actions, none of us should as it is counter to the Gospel or “Good News” that Jesus provided for whosoever.

  9. Mike,

    Not even remotely disagreeing with you, but there is a way to do things and there is a way not to do things. I have been in a very people oriented business for 3 years and combined with my ministry, I feel like the church is falling short. What exactly is the church doing?

    1. They are regurgitating what they hear at church and not testing it for themselves. This means when questioned, their ability to defend their faith is poor.
    2. There is a profound lack of understanding regarding other religions and belief systems. People want two things in life. Love & Respect. If we can’t communicate with respect, we aren’t communicating.
    3. There is a total lack of unity within the church. People divide over practice issues such as: music, baptism, etc… These divides are seen and make us look ridiculous and must be addressed by us.

    I agree with most of what you have to say, I just wish everyone would understand that there is a much better way to do things.

  10. If it’s any help, Tim, we in the atheist/liberal blogosphere have been having the same argument from the other direction. Certain folks have been pounding on Obama for his “endorsement” of Warren, who they perceive as anti-gay, anti-women’s equality and with ties to some nasty people. Others folk have been arguing, “hey, it’s just a prayer, not an endorsement.” Warren is perceived as more moderate than folks like Dobson, so maybe this is Obama’s way of tacking around the religious right. Anyway, the argument is probably just as fraught on our side.

  11. I think people need to just grow the hell up and stop worrying about things like a one minute prayer that is done more out of a show than out of anything genuine.


  12. Ah, people just love to get their panties in a twist. If it wasn’t this issue it would be something else.
    I for one will be glad when the inauguration is over. I’m getting a little tired of it being all Obama, all the time, on every channel. At least school has started back up so I don’t have time to watch it all the time. Sure, it is history, but the non-stop coverage is so annoying. I wish the media would give the guy a chance to prove himself before crowning him the savior of everything, know what I mean? 🙂

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