Twilight and Horse Sex…

twilight-groupshot-big          I took a bath in estrogen last night. I came out of it with tears in my eyes and breasts… maybe those were already there haha. Okay I’m playing, but I did take a bath in estrogen. I went to the premier of Twilight where I’m at. For those of you who don’t know what Twilight is, it is a book series by Stephanie Meyer, now turned movie, that could aptly be labeled a vampire love saga… The story centers around a girl named Isabella as she moves to a small Washington State town called Forks. While there she gets the hots for a bloodsucking vamp and pulls a Buffy and Angel type caper resultingin her getting hunted by another vampire and then being in the hospital until her boyfriend vamp taking her to prom. Doesn’t the plot just make you tingle? Well if you are a teenage or young adult girl then yes it does. I will say that the movie, for me, did capture the essence of the book very well, which is uncommon for books turned movie. But the best part was that the movie played more like my imagination viewed the story as I read the words, page after page, after page of them. That is a hard thing to do.

          So what is the point of this blog then… It’s not really as much about the movie or book as it is about the women who watched the movie last night. I was a witness to one of the most amazing spectacles I’ve ever seen as a guy. I got to see the unabashed teen girl as I’ve never seen her. It was like watching something off of Discovery Channel or Animal Planet… Something dirty that you feel like you shouldn’t watch, like two horses mating or the semen from a Sperm whale flooding the ocean around the great creature… It was just simply dirty. But like horses having happy time, it was something so terrible that you can’t look away. No I’m not a pervert. I just went to the movie, that’s all.

twilight          What is love to our culture? What does love mean? What are the consequences of that love? The movie captured the irrational teen girl imagination kind of love, but there was nothing real about it. I sat there and watched as my ENTIRE row of women all had their hands covering their mouth as the same moment, and had them shedding tears just moments later. They all acted in unison over a counterfeit kind of love like robots and while it was amusing it kinda made me a little queasy. Love to our culture begins with attraction and ends with “being together for ever”… But is that how God looks at love? Well we may only approach those we are attracted to romantically because of attraction, but everyone knows that looks fade (unless you are a vamp I guess hehe), so something much deeper has to take hold. Love is so wild and so passionate, but true love, God honoring love serves a much higher purpose… To bring glory to His name. In picking a mate that is also the ultimate goal for an authentic believer. The question “Does this person enhance my spiritual mission the most, or are they just a pretty face?” is the question of a wise individual. But either way… The movie never asks this question… then again the movie never talks about God so I guess I shouldn’t have expected it.

          If you want to go watch something comprable to horses having sex, go see this movie… If you want to tingle in your netherregions, go see this movie…. If you are looking for a deep movie with an original plot line, you will be out of luck, but you will get to see something so disturbing that it will make you laugh and cry and fear for our culture all at the same time (its kinda like going to the average church). I wish I could fall in love with the girl vampire… Rosalie Cullen played by Niki Reed… She’s amazing!!!!


~ by Tim Kurek on November 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Twilight and Horse Sex…”

  1. Suppose it wasn’t bad. I liked it, it’s weird, but it’s good.

  2. What a title! I laughed out loud reading your post. Poor guy, I’m surprised you survived the estrogen immersion. You must be a sucker for punishment.
    I’ve read the books and enjoyed them, despite the amount of teenage mooning the characters engage in. I guess I’m not far enough away from my divorce to be able to go “awww” over stuff like that. Don’t worry, I still cry perfectly good female tears over other stuff. ;D
    I was thinking about your question – “Does this person enhance my spiritual mission the most, or are they just a pretty face?” It was bugging me for some reason, I guess it seems a bit self-focused to me (it could just be how you worded it). I suggest a better question might be, “Is this person following God’s will for his/her life, and if we were to be together would that be following God’s will?”
    Or what about enhancing THEIR spiritual mission? 🙂
    Just some thoughts I had.
    Anyhow, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. You have an interesting way of thinking.

  3. Of course they reacted the same. A good writer knows how to evoke a particular emotion in the general consensus. You are hot for seeing it though… A guy at a vamp love saga made movie… PRICELESS!

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