Two Faces, One Christ

          Everyone I know has two faces. There is the face with the “everything is great” smile, and the face of the real. Too rarely do I even get to see my own family’s “real” face. We are in a struggle it seems to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be a certain way to appeal more to the masses than to live as we are with no shame or apologies. I seem to live out both to a fault. Neither face I present is what the people around me want to see, but I find it’s somewhat humorous because they are asking me for the real 100% of the time, yet seem afraid that they might just get what they’re asking for. I make no apologies for saying what others are thinking. I make no apologies for not caring what people think, even if that means I’ve somehow offended their “everything is great face”. A recent example has to do with Church.

          I have found more often than not that Christians, especially groups of Christians that come together for a church, have the ability to put on a collective “everything is great face”. It really pisses me off! I have been to a few churches over the past few weeks in northern Nashville and every single one of them has been very welcoming, helpful, and seemingly okay, but then I hear the pastor speak and he is selling an idea more than talking about Christ. What is it with churches talking about how cutting edge they are? If you have to say you are cutting edge your church is a joke. Cutting edge “is”, and people silently acknowledge it. But we live in an age where churches are coming together and lying to not only themselves, but also to the community at large. Is the “real” face not appealing enough? Please don’t say no because in the case of the church the “real” face is the gospel face. It just seems to me that more and more churches are afraid to preach the gospel.

          As I type this I am struggling to maintain my anger, hurt, happiness and being. Not only am I disheartened by the state of the Christian church, I am also dealing with a façade of different sorts. I am sick to death of being in this election season. I have heard more demonization by the Christian community towards Barack Obama than “positive” things about John McCain. This truly is an election where the lesser of two evils will be in the White-house. My problem stems from horrible accusations about truly personal issues. When Barack has openly declared his faith in Christ Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for the redemption of our sins, and then we accuse him of being a Muslim, I have to laugh. How would you like someone called you the anti-Christ? I get it all the time, but I don’t care… because I don’t think I have ever been more keenly aware of Christian ignorance than I have in recent months. It saddens me heart and soul. No this is not my endorsement of Barack, this is my objectively observed response to a church that in no way mirrors the church in Acts. What ever happened to trusting God? Do we really think either candidate will ruin the country in 4 or 8 years? Shame on you.

          So am I being a cynic? Honestly if anyone out there has any kind of advice for the frustration that’s boiling within me, I would love to hear it. I’ve only listed two examples of a false face, but there are so many more. I would love to understand how you have coped with frustrations in a more real way.



~ by Tim Kurek on October 31, 2008.

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