Madonna and Marilyn taught me about Jesus…

          Did you know that even the “unsaved” can hold truth? Love? Hope? Did you know that these people are honoring God? It’s true. There are biblical truths that have seeped into the minds of people Christians would consider to be profane. And it’s not an isolated event. Lately I have been a witness to many instances of Christians demonizing the “unsaved”, acting as if those people have nothing to offer, no truths, no positive points of view to learn from. But, as I have said in earlier blogs, truth is truth, and different people take from it what matters to them.

Some truths from the “wicked”:

          Reed College is one of the most liberal, socialistic, and anti-God establishments in the country. To learn more about Reed, read Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz. This college is more loose and lax on its rules than just about anywhere, but did you know there is an accountability system? If a student sees another student cheating the procedure is as follows. First, the student seen cheating is approached one on one by the student who observed him in the act. If the cheating student denies it, the other student goes and tells one person. The two students go confront the one and give him the opportunity to confess. If the cheater still doesn’t confess, they go to the whole student body and the cheating student is confronted. Sound familiar? It’s a biblical method for bringing someone into the accountability of a church. But they use it for school.

          Madonna is one of the most out there artists of the past 30 years. She is presently a spiritualist. Someone who doesn’t give credibility to the Bible, and follows more of an eastern spirituality philosophy. Recently on David Letterman, during the writer’s strike, David asked her about a recent poll that stated %70+ of teens believe that oral sex is not sex. He asked her what she thought. Madonna laughed and said, “Thinking about sex is sex!” The crowd of course laughed and she said, “Whatever you think about, you are.” Sound like the verse “Whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he.”? I was shocked yet again.

          Not long after I heard Madonna make that statement I was floored by the words of another man. Marilyn Manson, who I’ve blogged about several times now, made the statement, in Bowling for Columbine, that if he had a chance to go back and speak to the murderers of the students at Columbine, he wouldn’t say anything to them. He would listen. Because that is what no one did for them. I think that this statement shocked me the most. It showed biblical mercy and truth, and is exactly what I believe Jesus would do.

          But these three examples are from people who don’t know Jesus? Well, we are all made in the image of God, all have eternal spirits within us, and are all subject under natural law. All of this is being said to make one simple point.

          Do not discredit someone because of their religious paradigms. Even the most pagan people have the potential of teaching you something about God, even if it is in spite of those people.

          We can learn from anyone about God’s truth, including nature. I found it funny that in the gospels of the New Testament the truest statements made about Jesus were made by the demons he cast out. They called Him, “Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God”, “God made flesh”, etc… It was so bad in fact that Jesus had to rebuke them to be quiet. He wanted the people to believe He was God’s son, not to “know”. Knowing doesn’t require faith. He wanted faith. If you adhere to the scriptures, you have to adhere to the fact that those opposed to God can still know Him, just in a much different way.

          The moral? Have discernment. Listen and use the filter of your Spirit to separate the truth from the crap. You can read the writings of philosophers, atheists, Eastern religious leaders, Emergent Christians, etc… and not believe everything they say! Use your brains. Think.

          Is there an experience you’ve had with another where they exemplified a spiritual truth but aren’t people you would consider “saved”? If you feel like you have anything to add or to share, comment!

(I really hate the terms saved, unsaved, born again, etc… because while they describe a truthful line of thought, they seem elitist and prideful and most Christians I’ve met who say they are “saved” don’t act it even as much as Marilyn Manson and Madonna have in the above examples. Just know I put the “” around those terms on purpose.)


~ by Tim Kurek on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Madonna and Marilyn taught me about Jesus…”

  1. This is a great post with a message I think more people need to learn. It’s about bringing people in, not shutting them out. Nicely done.

  2. Elitist and prideful people may use the terms “saved” and “born again” but the Lord used them first, so I am not ashamed of them. The fact is, there are is a division between people, it is not how many sins they have committed or will commit or how big the sins were, it is the blood of Jesus Christ. Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation, and has passed from death into life.
    Someone can know a lot of truth, speak perfect theology, flawless philosophy and completely sound doctrine and not be on the winning side of this divide. It’s not about whether I would “consider” them saved, its about whether Christ is their Savior and His spirit is within them.
    Now, I am strongly on the side of reading whatever you will glorify God by reading, even if it is something that many might choose to shy away from. I’m not arguing against reading anything, but I do have to ask:
    You titled your post “Madonna and Marilyn taught me about Jesus”. The stories you actually told were incidences of these people saying wise things that you recognized as lining up with biblical truth. You had already BEEN taught these things, and if you had not, you would have, I would think, had to go to scripture to verify them. So didn’t God teach you, the same way He would have taught you if these people had said the opposite of what is true?
    In “The Moral” we are to asked to use our brains and “think”. You know, people who are called to avoid certain reading because they want to avoid spiritual confusion can be prideful about it, but those of us who are called to investigate different areas of thought and art can be pretty prideful and elitist as well. It’s as if we are saying “the Holy Spirit gives US the ability to delve into deep things in the secular world, and if you aren’t as spiritually and mentally strong as we are, then we have no time for you and your ignorance”. This also should not be.
    I may not “act” as saved as Madonna, or Marilyn. What can I say? I have been forgiven much. Jesus saved me. He could have chosen an easier case, someone who was “almost there” spiritually someone who didn’t need nearly as much of His blood to be be washed clean, but He saved me, because He is awesome, and it didn’t matter a whit to Him that I am not awesome.

  3. I’m not going to bash my own writing but you way over-think things…

    I made a simple comment. You can learn from people that believe differently from you.

    The Marilyn and Modonna examples were to show that they had knowledge that was biblical, I wasn’t saying that that was what they taught me.

    Please please please, stop living the life of a pharisee. Please… And if you read this, please join my mob on mobster, God will give you kudos if you do!


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