The Running Commentary of Jesus Christ Superstar…

Dear fellow Jesus lovers… Right now I am more confused and frightened than I ever have been. Why? Because I am watching 1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar! Okay, I’m slightly amused too. Until now I never realized that the cross traveled on the top of a hippie van and had its own theme song. I guess you learn something new every day. I am also pretty confused by the handsome black fellow that just sang the first song. Who was he? I don’t know, but I hope to find out in time.

Ooh! Jesus has a pretty voice, like a choir boy gone grunge. Kurt Cobain, watch out. Jesus is the new kid in town!

One of the disciples just said “Hey! Cool it man!” and Hope and I giggled. This movie is interesting!

Ooh! Ooh! I just realized that the handsome black fellow was Satan. If that’s not blatant racism, I don’t know what is. The White Jesus is trying to keep the black man down!

The Pharisees like to shake their chests in a homo-erotic way… why? Maybe it is the huge goofy hats they are wearing! They look kinda like potted plants!

Mary is a cutie… I want her to sing to me! But which Mary is this? The mother or the prostitute. I guess it doesn’t matter to me. They are both kinda cute!

“Jesus Christ, Superstar. Do you think you’re what they say you are?”

The Pharisees seem to be pretty accurately depicted! They are funny, like little bears on bicycles at a circus! Keep riding little bears! Cause JC is coming to get you with palm trees on a donkey and the black man that apparently doesn’t like him very much!

“Hosanna Heysanna Sanna Sanna Ho
Sanna Hey Sanna Ho Sanna
Hey J C, J C won’t you smile at me?

Sanna Ho Sanna Hey Superstar!”

Okay, so I am done with this movie for a while… I think Rick James just entered the shot. The dancing and freeze frames are giving me seizures and I feel like my spiritual cup is being filled just a little too much by this experience! Have a groovy day people!


~ by Tim Kurek on October 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Running Commentary of Jesus Christ Superstar…”

  1. You’ve probably been informed by now that the black man with the amazing voice is Judas rather than Satan, so, there it is.
    Oh, and yes its, Mary Magdalene.
    If you think that there’s homoeroticism in this movie, do NOT watch the 1990’s London version.
    I once played Leper #4 in a community theater version of the musical. For all it’s faults I have an enormous brown rotting soft spot in my heart for this movie. So cool it, man! 😉

  2. I want to know why Judas got the best songs and had the best voice!

    Peter had a good song too, but only the one.

    I love the movie, although it seems more dated each time I watch it.

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